Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh: Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul


With stress, pollution and other healthcare problems gaining more prominence, most people nowadays regularly suffer from body pains and aches in addition to general and metal fatigue. This is perhaps the major reason why the practice of yoga is gaining momentum as people look for an everyday solution to get back their health and mental clarity. Scientifically proven to have both physical and mental healing properties, yoga is being taken up by all those who want to reconnect with their inner selves.

Having originated in India, yoga retreats are very popular in the country. With the Himalayas being an important part of the yoga heritage, a lot of yoga retreats have sprung up at the foothills of the mountains including those located at Rishikesh, often called the birthplace of yoga. Offering tranquility and calmness, these retreats are best to take a break and rejuvenate for the tired soul. Surrounded by the calm mountains, River Ganga, and holy temples, Rishikesh provides the perfect environment to help you get back to your roots and rediscover yourself. Few benefits that you will get if you decide to go on a yoga retreat in Rishikesh are:

*More Energy: Yoga helps to flush out all the negative energy in your body. With different asanas, yoga will help you increase your energy levels by increasing the oxygen flow in the body. You will feel rejuvenated and filled with energy after a couple of days at Rishikesh.

*More Strength: Your body gets weak and tired when you do not exercise on a regular basis. By doing asanas like Surya Namaskar in the backdrop of Himalayas, you can build your core strength while the positivity of the beautiful mountains motivates you to push harder.

*Connect with Your Inner Self: Yoga is not just about breathing deeply or building your core through asanas. In fact, the real essence of yoga lies in you connecting with your inner self. It is about looking inside for answers rather than outside. Visiting holy places in Rishikesh and nearby areas and meditating on the banks of the Holy River Ganga can help you increase your spiritual awareness.

*Fights Depression Internally: Yoga is known to make you happy and get you out of your dark place. Those who practice yoga do so by relaxing and calming their mind to find their inner peace. Practicing yoga surrounded by the serenity surrounding Rishikesh retreats will put a positive spin to your life and improve your mood drastically. Moreover, this upbeat mental strength will stay with you even after you leave Rishikesh as you practice the asanas and undertake meditation.

*Mix Fun with Yoga: If you thought yoga has to be all about being in silence and doing strenuous exercises, you could not be more wrong. With many adventure activities to do in Rishikesh like river rafting, bungee jumping, hiking and camping, these places offer a different side of yoga.

By helping you align your chakras, yoga will induce a calmness in you that cannot be easily shattered. With so many benefits for your mind, body and soul, a yoga retreat in the heart of the Himalayas will only soothe you and give you the energy to take on life head-on.

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Suddha Anand Yogshala is a yoga teacher training facility located on the banks of the holy Ganga River in Rishikesh. We offer the highest level of quality education/instruction and always maintain smaller class sizes to ensure students receive the individual attention they deserve. We offer monthly 200 hour teacher training courses, unique yoga retreats, exciting intensive courses, workshops and daily drop in classes.



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