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The trend of learning yoga for the wellness and health is getting tremendous popularity in all the communities all across the world. Hundreds of hundreds yoga enthusiasts have experienced the benefits of yoga practicing in their personal life; so, they recommend it as the necessity. Thousands of foreign tourists land at India every year with primary mission to learn yoga in India. Traditional yoga learning in India is respected more than the yoga training in other countries because India is seen as the birthplace of yoga. Numbers of schools, ashrams and institutes offer variety of yoga courses designed for different objectives but learning yoga in Rishikesh has its own special value.

Variety of Yoga Courses in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh hosts maximum numbers of yoga schools accredited with Yoga Alliance International, Yoga alliance, US and other institutions; each school offers variety of courses designed differently with own objectives and visions but with common aim of producing quality yoga experts. The popular yoga courses are Hatha yoga teacher training, 200 hour yoga training, one week yoga retreat, two weeks yoga retreat, Ayurveda yoga therapy, Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha Yoga etc. Name of the courses and the coverage differ at different yoga schools; so, you should compare the curriculums before joining any. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is designed to produce expert yoga professionals while yoga retreat programs are designed to deliver ultimate experience of knowing inner self. Ayurveda yoga therapy courses are designed perfect blend of ayurveda and yoga to train the students for early stage treatments. Anatomy & Physiology course imparts the knowledge about the working of human body, digestive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory systems.

The Key Elements of Learning Yoga:

Most of yoga schools concentrate upon the learning ease also; so, the yoga experts customize some exercises to make the individuals comfortable but the benefits of joining the particular course remain same. The key elements of yoga learning are cleansing techniques, 84 asanas, breathing control, Dhyana, advanced yogic techniques- Mudras, spiritual practices, redirecting energy flow, yoga philosophy, Hatha Yoga anatomy etc. Even the best yoga teaching is incomplete without imparting the knowledge of ayurveda; learning the basics of ayurveda is essential for every yoga enthusiast.

I know every yoga schools in India invests best efforts to transfer the ages old legacy preserving the essence of traditional yoga yet candidates too need to invest their best efforts for learning. Adjustment, commitment, asking and sharing are the four critical personal traits of idea yoga student. Unless you don’t ask or don’t talk about your learning gaps/problems, how will the yoga teacher/expert address that problem? Yoga Alliance International and Yoga alliance recognised yoga courses in India need the students to pass the theoretical and practical exams; this system ensures your perfection in learned yoga skills; so, you should be committed from the day one.

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Amit is a eminent yoga teacher in Rishikesh India, He has in-depth knowledge of yoga. In this article he publically share his knowledge about Yoga courses in Rishikesh.



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